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RAPIRO DIY model robot kit perfect for hobby and educational purposes in both software engineering and robotics. The users need to first assemble the parts, then are required to program the behavior and actions that RAPIRO can take.
Rapiro performs best with Raspberry Pi(Sold Separately). This is a great learning tool to learn how to program robots.
You will receive "SFO Takumi RAPIRO Pre-Coded Software" free with your purchase
You can do these amazing actions with your Rapiro!: CLICK HERE
Raspberry Pi 2 needed for its brain
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SFO Takumi RAPIRO Pre-Coded Software
SFO Takumi RAPIRO Pre-Coded Software This is a "SFO TAKUMI SPECIAL BUNDLE" that contains everything needed to operate the RAPIRO with Raspberry Pi. It has come to our attention that for those who only purchased RAPIRO, it is hard to know where to start. With this bundle, it comes with every knowledge needed to assemble and setup your RAPIRO. This bundle also comes with the Firmware and software needed to install onto your SD card for Raspberry Pi as well to operate your RAPIRO. You can operate your RAPIRO via Voice command and more (Please see "View Detail" section for more detail) through Wi-Fi network after completion of installation and setup of this software onto your Raspberry Pi.
Note: This software is non-refundable
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RAPIRO Ultrasonic Sensor Kit
RAPIRO Ultrasonic Sensor Kit This is a kit created for your Raspberry Pi to be able to register distance. This, combined with your RAPIRO, you will be able to create a sensor, home security unit, and more.
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