• UPS PIco (Uninterruptible Power Supply for Raspberry Pi)
  • Nova Electronics - MCX501
  • Kyopal Motion / Motor Control ICS
  • NVE IL700 High-Speed Digital Signal Isolator
  • Lyontek High-Speed SRAM
  • Epson Toyocom - Programmable Crystal Oscillator

1/25/16New UPS PIco has been released UPS PIco 450 mAh.

SFO TAKUMI INC is an independent and franchised stocking distributor for semiconductors and passive components. Since established in 2001, we have been continuously supplying our customers with a broad range of purchasing solutions as a fast and reliable supplier.

Along with cost-effective non-franchised stocking items including many obsolete items, our franchised lines of Motion Control / Motor Control ICs and boards for stepper motors and servo motors (NOVA, KYOPAL), Isolator ICs (NVE), SRAMs (LYONTEK) and programmable oscillators (EPSON TOYOCOM), Xilinx development board (INREVIUM) will also satisfy specific needs of customers.

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  • UPS PIco for Raspberry Pi

    UPS PIco (Uninterruptible Power Supply for Raspberry Pi)

    The UPS PIco is an advanced uninterruptible power supply for the Raspberry Pi® that adds a wealth of innovative power back-up functionality and development features to the innovative microcomputer!

    The standard UPS PIco is equipped with a 300mAh LiPO battery specially designed to enable safe shutdown during a power cut. Additionally, this can be easily upgraded to the extended 3000mAh version, which enables prolonged use of a Raspberry Pi for up to 8 hours without a power supply connected!

  • Nova Electronics

    Nova Electronics

    NOVA electronics was founded in Tokyo in 1994. Since then, Nova electronics have been developing and delivering top range motion control ICs and related products to satisfy our customer needs all over the world. Nova electronics provide unique motion control chips, PC boards implementing such chips and stand-alone motion control units. In particular, Nova electronics motion control ICs receive a high reputation for technology from global customers.


    Video Demonstration for
    Motion/Motor Control with Interpolation

  • Kyopal


    X7083/X7043/X7023 is a LSI that generates a pulse for controlling the speed and positioning of pulse train input-type servo motors and stepping motors. X7083 enables 8-axis control, X7043 enables 4 axis control, X7023 enables 2-axis control.

  • NVE


    With over 100 model available, IsoLoop Digital Isolators are the ideal alternative to optocouplers. NVE's award-winning family of galvanically-isolated interface products is based on patented spintronic GMR technology. This technology provides unprecedented small size, high speed, low pulse width distortion, high common mode rejection, high standoff voltage, excellent magnetic immunity, best-in-class EMC, and unlimited life with no degradation.

  • Lyontek


    Lyontek Inc. is a fabless IC design company, established in 2003, in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan. We are dedicated in Asynchronous SRAM (Low Power SRAM & High Speed/fast SRAM) product designs, develops and markets for the following target market.
    a) Industrial Electronics
    b) POS c) Consumer electronics
    d) Communication
    e) Automotive electronics
    f) Medical electronics

  • Epson Toyocom

    Epson Toyocom

    SG8002 Series are instantly programmable oscillators with a frequency range of 1 to 125MHz. We offer programming and marking services with fast delivery from small to production quantities.