PCI Bus 8-Axis Motion Control Board

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Item Details

MC8082P is a PCI-bus compliant PC/AT compatible circuit board equipped with 2pcs of 4-axes motion control IC "MCX304". It can independently control 8-axes of either stepper motor or pulse type servo motor for position and speed controls.

PCI Half-Size

MC8082P can control each 8-axes motor independently and simultaneously although it is PCI Half-Size. The necessary signals, drive pulse output and limit sense input are assigned to the rear connector. Each signal, encoder input, general output or drive operation is assigned to the surface connector on the board.

Automatic home search

MCX304 has automatic home search function for all axis It saves the load of user program drastically.

Smooth driving for S-curve acceleration/deceleration

In addition to linear acceleration/deceleration drive, its can operate parabola S-curve acceleration/deceleration drive. S-curve drive can keep its smoothness even though the number of output pulse is small.