2-axes motor control IC with linear interpolation

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MCX312 is an intelligent high performance motion control IC designed for stepper motor or pulse type servo drivers with position, velocity and interpolation controls. Features include s-curve/trapezoidal acceleration/deceleration, target position and velocity changes on the fly, linear interpolation including with multichip axes, circular/bit pattern interpolations and built-in integral type filter. Every function of the MCX312 is controlled by specific registers, which are command registers, data registers, status registers and mode registers.

  • Independent control of 2-axes
  • Supports linear interpolation, and multichip axes linear interpolation that perform continuous linear interpolation as well as single chip
  • Supports CW/CCW circular and bit pattern interpolations
  • Continuous interpolation to execute a series of interpolation processes, linear interpolation - circular interpolation - linear interpolation - …
  • S-curve, trapezoidal or velocity contouring
  • On the fly target position and velocity changes
  • Maximum speed: 4MPPS, available for constant speed, linear/s-curve acceleration/deceleration driving
  • Supports automatic deceleration including for non-symmetrical trapezoidal acceleration/deceleration driving
  • Built-in integral type filter, selectable to enable or pass a signal through, and time constant from 8 types
  • Selectable independent 2 pulse or 1 pulse/direction system
  • 32-bit compare registers for each axis, can be used as software limit
  • Read out of drive status by registers
  • Selectable encoder input mode, quadrature or up/down pulse input
  • Emergency stop input for all axes
  • Connectable CMOS, TTL
  • 100-pin QFP package 5V operation